Anti-bullying week

The children have really engaged with Anti-bullying week. They have taken part in discussions and role play about Bullying and Friendship. They have written statements about what makes a good friend and what makes a bully. They have shared a variety of texts including 'Elmer the Elephant' and 'We are all Wonders' which celebrate being different. 
They have also  discussed how it is OK to have different families but it is all the same love. They have taken part in Collective Worships about Friendship. They have had a visit to the Hindu Temple on the West Road in Newcastle to embrace the differences between religion, tradition and culture.
The younger children wrote about what makes a good friend and the older children created a Recipe for Friendship.
Every family was provided with a 'Say NO to bullying' Handbook for parents. 
As a school community we continuously strive to ensure that children feel safe and secure in the understanding that we have zero tolerance of bullying behaviour and our ethos is one of kindness and friendship. As a result, the behaviour of all children is outstanding and we are a happy, friendly school.