Cultural Capital

Cultural Capital


At Humshaugh First School we believe that that all children should be exposed to cultural experiences and background knowledge that will equip them with the cultural knowledge to propel them further in their education, social development, and careers. Developing cultural capital at Humshaugh First school will help provide experiences that the children may otherwise not have had. Here are some examples of how promote cultural capital at Humshaugh First.


School values

Through our school vision- Being Good Soil and to Dream Big so everyone can flourish.

Collective worship

Through our school collective worship where we consider spiritual, moral, social and cultural issues and where children can explore their own beliefs. Topics covered are varied e.g.: we learn about British values, Cultural diversity, world, and British events such as Black History Month, Pride, Challenging gender stereotypes, role models such as sportsperson achievements, religious festivals such as Diwali, Chinese New Year, Eid


Through our PSHE curriculum where children learn about growth mindset, encourage a positive and active approach to life. Children are encouraged to develop their own strategies to cope with day-today difficulties through support and our 1Decision scheme of work.

Through all areas of our taught curriculum where we encourage the children to be inquisitive and find out more e.g.: PSHE, Geography, History, RE, English, Mathematics.

Through linking up with subject experts and visitors to school e.g.: author visits, faith leaders, vets, doctors, dentists, scientists, geologists, farmers, archaeologists.

School visits

Through school visits to local historic sites and museums – e.g.: Vindolanda and Chesters Fort, the Hindu Temple and Mosque in Newcastle, visits to local farms to discover where food comes from, trips to Hexham Market, trips to the local bookshop, theatre, abbey and library.

Extracurricular activities

Through our extracurricular activities such as sports clubs, Zumba, Dance and Yoga. Through our school leadership roles e.g.: School Council, Sports leader, Digital Leader, Buddy and Reading Buddy.

Intergenerational Projects

Through our intergenerational activities such as singing at care homes, delivering Harvest gifts around the village and our regular 'Friends from the Village' sessions when the children play board games and bingo with our elderly residents.

Wider whole school programmes

Through encouraging the children to support charitable work e.g.: Children in Need, WWF and Save the Children.

Through promoting wellbeing and mental health and looking after themselves and through our anti bullying sessions.

Through encouraging conversation with each other at lunchtime and during play as well as planning for opportunities to talk within the classroom.