School Day

School Day

Arriving at school


Children should arrive at school no earlier than 8:45am and no later than 8:55 am

The teaching staff have tasks to complete before the classroom session begins and cannot be responsible for children who arrive earlier.

Registration for all pupils begins at 8.55am.

If your child is late to school please go to the main entrance and ring the bell. The office manager will let you in and alter the attendance register accordingly/make a record in the Late book.

Parking / Stopping of cars. Please do not park on the zig zag lines.

Please show consideration for our local residents by not blocking driveways when dropping off and/or picking up.

Thank you!



8.45am  A member of staff on duty on yard

Book bags, water bottles and packed lunches place in appropriate storage boxes

8.50am  A member of staff rings bell and children line up in year groups at the back door

*Nursery and Reception children will line up by the Home room and enter via the ramp

8.55am Children enter the school through their allocated door

Doors locked by a Member of staff

Registration (Attendance and lunch)

9.05-9.20am Collective Worship

10.15-10.30am Nursery and Reception have fruit/snack in hall

10.30-10.45am Playtime – Years 1 to 4 have milk and fruit/snack

10.45am Children return to classrooms

11.55am Children go to the toilet and wash their hands (Y4 Toilet monitors on duty)

12.00pm Lunch

12.30pm Children line up to go out to play (altogether).

12.55pm Bell rings to come in from playtime.

1.00pm Children back in classrooms for registration 

1.55pm Foundation/Key Stage 1 children have a short break in the afternoon.

3.05pm Children get ready for home time.


Taxi children line up in the hall and are escorted by a member of staff to the front door

Children who are meeting parents line up in corridor and wait to be dismissed by a member of staff through the back door.