Science Week 2018

British Science Week has started with a splash!
This year's theme is Exploring and Discovering.
During our Science lesson the children in Class 1 were set a challenge by our class teddy bear! He wrote to us and asked us to help him with a little problem.
He told us that he and his friends are fed up with getting wet when it rains, especially when they go on their annual teddy bear's picnic!
He asked us to help choose the best material to make him an umbrella to stay dry. We explored a selection of materials and had to predict which material we thought would make the best umbrella. We then tested them all and recorded our observations and discovered that the best material for keeping teddy and his friends dry was plastic.
Have a look at the photos to see our investigation.
Reception class joined in British Science Week too, and were huffing and puffing as they explored which was the strongest material to build a house for the Three Little Pigs to keep them safe from the Big Bad Wolf! After reading the story they set to wok building a house of straw, a house of sticks and a house of bricks.
Have a look at the photos to see what they discovered.
The children in Class 2 have been enjoying the new STEM challenges and experimenting with light and shadow.