School council

Our School Council members are:

Year 1 – Rhys and Bertie

Year 2 – Lucy and Bella

Year 3-Arthur D and Jacob

The Year 4s will be sharing the responsibility across the three terms so they each get an equal turn at being on School Council as it is their last year in school. 


Autumn term-Theme Environment

The children researched endangered animals on the WWF website. They reported back to their year group, giving a presentation about their chosen animal and the children then voted on the animal they wanted to adopt.

Mrs Dodd helped the children with adoption process and just before the Christmas holidays each year group from Nursery to Year 4 received their adoption pack which included a soft toy, certificate and information pack, all of which are now displayed in the classrooms.


Spring term-Theme Healthy Living

The children organised a Dance Marathon and also made healthy fruit kebabs as part of encouraging a healthy lifestyle.


Summer term-Community