Personal, Social and Health Education at Humshaugh First School

 At Humshaugh First School it is expected that all children will have the opportunity to

  • Take some responsibility for their own learning.
  • Explore and discuss topical issues.
  • Participate in different group sizes and compositions.
  • Explore, discuss and share their opinions.
  • Find information and advice.
  • Work with adults other than teachers.
  • Work outside the classroom.
  • Take time to reflect.


This programme of study for PSHCE  gives children the opportunity to:-

  • Develop confidence and responsibility, making the most of their abilities.
  • Prepare to play an active role as citizens.
  • Develop a healthy, safer lifestyle.
  • Relationships: develop and maintain positive and healthy relationships of all kinds, including friendships; recognising and dealing with unhealthy relationships (including bullying); understanding how to communicate effectively and confidently withing relationships.
 Breadth of study

Each class has a separate programme of study for the teaching of PSHCE. These programmes work on a two year cycle so as to accommodate mixed age teaching. Within the cycles some themes such as bullying are covered each year. For these themes differentiated tasks are used within the class to ensure progression. 

You will find the scheme of work below as an downloadable attachment.

Although we have separate teaching time for PSHCE we are aware that many of the relevant skills and concepts are involved in other curricular and extra-curricular activities.

 School Council.- developing confidence and responsibility.

Buddies.- Developing good relationships.

Reward systems.-Developing good relationships.

                           Many aspects covered, including school rules.

Star of the week assemblies.-Developing confidence and responsibility.

Lunch time systems.-Developing good relationships, developing an awareness of healthy lifestyles.

Fund raising activities.-Preparing to play an active role as citizens

Visits by outside agencies such as the school nurse.-Developing a healthy, safer lifestyle.

Circle Time. -Developing confidence, responsibility and good relationships.

Science Curriculum.- Developing healthy, safer lifestyles.

PE curriculum.-Developing healthy, safer lifestyles.

Curriculum focus on healthy eating and lifestyles.-Developing healthy,safer lifestyles.

School clubs – Developing healthy, safer lifestyles.